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Not Quite the Break I Was Expecting

Having been on a roll through January and February, March seemed to come to a complete halt. In terms of posting, at least. But I can assure you that I haven’t gone anywhere; I am still right here!

Well, technically, that isn’t quite correct. The word ‘here’ just moved. Thanks to the lockdowns that we have endured over the past year, life changes have happened to everyone. There are as many reasons and stories as there are people in this land. Without boring you with the details, I have moved from one part of South London to a different part of South London. But I am still very much here.

Not being a fan of moving house, I do it as rarely as possible, but there are times when we have no choice, and it becomes time to move on. I am sure it would have been an easy task in the before times, sorting out the packing, maybe recruiting a couple of friends to join in, and then move. It might have even taken the local ‘man and van’ to get it all sorted.

These are not the before times. I am sure you are all more than aware that the world is an entirely different kettle of fish today. Simple pleasures such as getting mates around to help you move are just not possible for the moment.

I found myself spending two hours each weekday driving (very stressfully)between new and old homes, sorting, packing, taking things to the recycling centre, or selling off old furniture. Trips to the storage unit, filling up the new flat with my things and working out how to settle in.

Adding in working with clients, maintaining my daily and weekly running plan, and everyday life, some things needed to be taken away from the mantelpiece of life. Whether I made the right decision or not remains to be seen.

My Moving Takeaway

No matter how busy life can get, it’s vital not to forget that you are important too. If you run your own business, you are allowed time off, time to sort life events out, time to pamper yourself. That is where running your own business gets complicated; you still need to market your business. The wheels of commerce grind on, regardless of whether you need a holiday or move home or not.

I now realise that I should treat myself as one of my clients. We should all do that. Consistency is critical in marketing your business. This is something I ensure all my clients have. Surely I deserve that commitment from myself too!

Last week was a pure holiday. Having completed the move, I started settling into the new flat. Taking a week of no pressure was great for my mental health.

Writing is much like anything else. If you stop, it is harder to start again. How often have we taken a break from running, working out, healthy eating, or any craft and then struggled to get going again? Fear of the stiffness after a long run is one of the drivers to keep me running consistently.

Equally, I found it a challenge to get writing again this morning. That and the fact that clocks changing made it an hour earlier than I am used to!

So I am Back

I am excited to be back—new home, new life, and getting Creative Monkey back on the map. Being a copywriter is great fun, and exploring the world of fitness, mental health, nutrition, and wellbeing is ingrained in my DNA.

New plans are being developed, and I hope you can all join me as the journey continues….


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