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My writing services

Content Writing and Copywriting Services

You will always receive well-written documents with an accurate and thorough description of your product. Having spent the last ten years as a successful bid manager and copywriter for large commercial organisations, I have steered their sales to record achieving heights.

My passion for understanding my clients and their clients' needs drives a business-winning document that you will be delighted to share within your market.

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How It Works

Now that you know that you need a content writer, congratulations.


That Is usually the most challenging step. You now want to know that your content writer will bring your idea to life clearly and engagingly. Here is how we will work together to create a winning piece.

There are four simple steps to going from your initial idea to a completed document, which I call the BRAD Method.

  • Business Brief

  • Requirement

  • Assembly

  • Delivery


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Your website is your calling card in the online world. In most cases, it is the first thing anyone sees, and so must be engaging, with content optimised for high Google and Bing ranking. The writing must reflect your personality, your voice and what you and your business stand for. 

You might be seeking a complete website with multiple pages, with a blog page or noticeboard. Or you might want a single landing page for sales campaigns. How you want it set up, your search engine optimisation (SEO) will make a massive difference to how easily visitors find you online.

A good web page can take hours to research, develop, plot, and write. You will receive a thorough SEO audit, with keywords, and recommendations on acquiring backlinks and increasing domain authority. As your website content writer, you can rise to the top of Google, garner more traffic, and build the successful business you deserve.


Brainstorming Session

Blogging has many layers of relevance in today's business world. You might want a blog that is for news and press releases to support your PR department. Or you might want to provide your readers with regular, up-to-date information on the technology of your industry or modern best practices. By doing this, you will set your business up as a thought-leader, as experts and authorities in your chosen arena. 

Whatever the purpose of publishing your blog, it must be well researched, consistent, and speak in your voice or, even better, your clients' and readers' voices. With the right level of search engine optimisation, you can drive more traffic to your website and your business. By choosing the right keywords and internal links, your visibility will increase and significantly support your digital marketing plan. 

Today, a large proportion of digital marketing is about getting your name known, your face seen, and your reputation built. 

With a content writer posting regular blogs, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly, specific platforms pick up your content and make it more visible to your chosen market. 

Casual Meeting


As mentioned, SEO will drive traffic to your website. With specialist SEO tools, I will provide a thorough report of the SEO on your site, providing you with a recommendation of keywords, domain authority, and how to build backlinks. This will also include ideas for content that you might want to publish in the future to increase your website's traffic further.  



Case Studies can be one of the most straightforward documents to get very wrong. A one-page case study is living proof that your business or service is precisely what your prospective clients are looking for. 

The evidence is in the content, a well-structured case showing how your business brought new life to a client and that you can do the same for your prospects.

To find out how you can work together with a freelance copywriter, book an appointment to discuss further,

Business Brief
You have an idea of what you want. Maybe what you need too. 

At this point, we will discuss your requirements, look at my availability and start with a deadline. We will confirm pricing at this point and the parameters of the brief. We will discuss whether you want a white paper written, a blog or article, or maybe to write web pages. 

Whether you need a regular blog post, an ongoing service, or what works best for your long-term goals, we will work out.

You do need to do a little bit of work to help me help you. I may be a fantastic word-smith, but my psychic abilities are somewhat lacking.

We will have a call to go into more depth about your business, your ideal clients, the products or services you provide, and ultimately, your preferred audience. 

I must understand your business with some client insight and any stories/testimonials you would like written up depending on the piece I am writing. Your clients love to read stories, and they love stories about themselves.

Now the magic begins. With all the data and research undertaken, I now start planning and crafting your document into a well-assembled piece. I will carefully weave the words to include any search engine optimisation you require, be engaging, and encourage your readers to ask for more. 

With the first draft complete, you get it delivered in a simple-to-read text version. This will enable you to see if you want any additions and are satisfied with the voice of the document.

If graphics are required, these will be included, and a general layout given as sample ideas.

Depending on the prearranged agreement at the brief, there will be up to 2 rounds of edits.

We will then agree on the final draft and provide the document as you wish. 


All of these steps are included in the price agreed. If additional costs are required, these will be discussed and agreed upon before the inclusion in the document.

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