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The Downs Low About Me

I'll never forget a wet Saturday afternoon, not being allowed out to play, and making the awful mistake of saying to my mum that I was bored!

In my childhood days, being bored was a swear word in my mum's world, and she would often revert to washing my mouth out with soap in these situations. However, on this particular afternoon, she told me to write a story.  

And so it all began!

I have written for personal pleasure ever since. I have devoured books about writing and been on courses to help improve. Even in my adult career, I have been responsible for writing anything that needed more than two sentences strung together.

I began writing applications for grants (I did a fair amount of charity work in my younger days). 

David Downs, Content Writer

As the internet world flourished, I soon became involved in writing pages for the company, which we soon learnt were called intranets! I even began writing an extranet, an intricate weaving of two businesses' intranets so they could work on a combined project. Halliburton and Conoco-Phillips were in place to share their most private and intimate details.

I soon worked on company policies, quality management systems, and annual reports. I was well beyond the gateway writing and worked on training programmes and then marketing copy.

Exciting times were still to come when I was involved with environmental issues and then bid processing and managing. Working with a small family cleaning business, I advised on client engagement, sales, and marketing and saw them grow with multi-million-pound contracts!

As you can see, my pedigree as a copywriter and a content writer is second to none; proven in the ever-changing world of commerce.

How does this help you?


For your business, it is crucial to have a specific online presence. Your digital marketing might include your website, regular blogs, social media posts, and various digital marketing tools. In the same way that you provide your clients with high-quality services and products, you expect the best for your content.

You might have an entire marketing team dedicated to your digital marketing. You might be a sole trader trying to do everything for your business. Working with a qualified freelance content writer makes all the difference to your own business wherever you are on the business size spectrum. 

This is where David Downs Writing Services Ltd can suit your needs. I am a freelance content writer and copywriter based in London but with a national reach. Let's face it, one good thing to come from the pandemic is that the business ethos has been highly innovative and changed how e work today. 

I am passionate about sharing thoughts and information on everything that makes the world a little better. Each thought comes with experience, quality training, and education. Where there are gaps in my skills bank, I fill them.

This includes:

Digital Marketing Expert - Certified training through digital marketing experts, HubSpot
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Studied in the school of SEO expert Neil Patel, taking the world of SEO, Google rankings, back-links, and other elements of SEO to creative, new levels.

PRINCE2 Practitioner - I am fully qualified as a project manager, ensuring any projects that I work with you will be consistent and always know where we are.

ProCopywriters Alliance - I am a member of the UK Alliance of Commercial Writers.

Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce - As a member of the local chamber, I value the importance of the local community and supporting small businesses.

Client Engagement Manager - Previously a member of the Institute for Customer Service. I am passionate about providing quality care and customer experience at all levels of business. 

As an experienced project manager helping small businesses grow successfully, my copywriting skills have helped businesses' sales skyrocket.

I have over thirty years of writing experience for sales and marketing teams. This includes successful bid writing, the creation of intranet and extranet systems, policy writing, and successful sales management.

My work is always of the highest standard and deliverable within budget and time. 

If you need a freelance content writer, schedule a call with me. Click here, and let's see if we are a good fit for each other and fit within your budget.

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