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This is the page that tells you all of the legal and financial information regarding me and my business, David Downs Writing Services Ltd. Please have a good read and if you have any queries, please ask away.

David Downs Writing Services Ltd DDWS) is a registered company providing limited liability for my services. I am based in South-West London. It covers all your copywriting and content writing needs. Don't just take my word for it. Visit my page on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter for regular updates on what is going on in my world.


David Downs Writing Services Ltd is registered at Companies House. With full Insurance details provided on request, this is my guarantee to you that all work is fully protected under copyright law and professional indemnity.

For complete information regarding myself or my business, please contact me. This includes banking details and insurance. These are only provided should we be actively discussing any projects that I would be providing for your business. Please note that equally, all information that I receive regarding you or your business is carefully filed and protected under GDPR guidelines.

DDWS Ltd is a full member of the Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce. As an active member of the chamber, I love to meet with local businesses and offer advice and tips when running their own businesses. This is the key ethos that I have always carried and strived to achieve in whichever enterprise or business he has been involved with throughout his career. 


DDWS is also a member of the association for UK copywriters, Procopywriters which gives further guarantees to the standard and quality that I work to.  

This means that you will always receive high quality written content and be protected within your own marketplace.

Please contact me via Calendly if you require further information to see how I can be of further assistance to you and your business.

You can also contact me directly through the contact page.

David Downs Writing Services Ltd

Company Registration Number 13627184

Registered Address: Wandsworth, London

Telephone: 07599 122093


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