I Write So You Don't Have To

All Your Website Content and Marketing Needs In One Space

I’m David Downs, a freelance content writer and copywriter in London, who takes the process of producing regular, engaging website content from your hands so you can focus on what really matters to you; your clients.

Is This You?

Do you run your own business?
Do you feel like you are continuously sidelined to write posts, blogs, websites? What on Earth is SEO?

You are an expert in your own field. You run your business to help other people improve their lives while you earn your living. 

​But instead of working with your clients, you spend far too much time researching and writing articles, blogs, your website. 

Do you get lost with finding words to reach out to new clients? Marketing is a crazy jungle!

You want to be found in a busy world and build your reputation as an expert in your field, but don't have the time to work with clients and develop your online presence.

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Game-Changing Results

Working with a freelance content writer and freelance copywriter is a game-changer.

Just like any sport, you're usually in business to win. But unlike in any sport, there are different ways to describe winning. 

Winning might mean a hugely successful, multi-million-pound business, or it might mean building something simple with which you can be proud. 

​No matter how you dress it up, selling your products or services is the key to winning. Each aspect of your business relies on experts giving you advice and information specific to achieving your success. ​This might be your finances, your business planning, your R&D. Similarly, whenever you need a written word, it is always best to call in the experts. 

A content writer. Like David Downs.

Copywriters don't just fill out a page all willy-nilly. They develop a persuasive case for your own clients. Each sentence and paragraph is thoughtfully constructed, placed correctly to engage your clients, and project you as the expert in your field.

​You have an excellent product or service that the world needs to know about. A successful content writer understands search engine optimisation (SEO) and will help your web pages and blogs get more traffic and better Google rankings.


Easiest Content Experience

Planning Meeting

Accurate and Honest

You can publish well written and crafted articles that have been thoroughly and accurately researched. This places you as an expert in your field.


Time Efficient

Taking the tedious researching and writing time off your hands, you can spend more time doing the key elements of your business. 

Networking Event

Focus on Your Clients

You have an addition to your client care armoury and to your business development with the aid of writing that is focused on your clients, in their language.